Haitou Logistics company owns bonded warehouses of 173,400 m2 and a professional customs supervising motorcade. The company is well equipped with logistics equipment and facilities and the bonded logistics team is of rich bonded logistics operation experience, thus able to customize professional logistics solution for you.

l  Customs and inspection declaration agent: customs declaration in and out of Haicang Bonded Port and relevant customs clearance services for all customs areas in Xiamen, such as, customs declaration, inspection declaration and customs transferring (cancellation after verification).

l  One-day trip (re-import after export): upstream suppliers export finished products to Haicang Bonded Port and get the export tax rebates and then downstream clients import manufacturing materials from Haicang Bonded Port, which incredibly simplifies the logistics procedures, improves logistics efficiency and saves logistics cost.

l  Customs transferring and transportation service for bonded cargo: the professional customs supervising motorcade processes customs transferring transportation of cargo in different customs areas in a fast, convenient and highly-efficient manner

l  Bonded cargo warehousing: tax rebates can be attained for domestic cargo once they enter the bonded area and taxes can be exempted for foreign import cargo once they enter the bonded area. As the interim storage area of import, export and transferred cargo, it helps the clients reduce the capital occupation to the most extent 。


Direct Air Transportation Platform: cooperated with Xiamen International Airport Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd., we established a remote warehouse in the Haicang Bonded Port Zone, Xiamen to offer direct air transportation service for enterprises in the Zone.

l  Bonded exhibition and transaction: for bonded exhibition and transaction of foreign import cargo in the area, taxes will be levied according to monthly real transaction amount, which reduces the intermediate circulation procedures, guarantees the product quality, lessens circulation procedures and lowers the occupation of taxes.

l  Bulk cargo delivery warehouse: it is the designated delivery warehouse by several bulk commodity transaction center and multiple banks which realizes online transaction and the delivery of goods title in the warehouse and serves as the third-party warehouse-receipt pledge supervision warehouse designated by several banks.

l  Public bonded consolidation in the area: approved by the customs, we can serve as public bonded consolidation platform in the Haicang Bonded Port and help domestic clients obtain tax rebates in the area.